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Lady Lake, Florida

Seeking An Innovative Strategic Partner

Our Mission is to forge an effective Strategic Partnership with a Global Innovative Company in the personal care and household products industry.

We have a Patented Platform Dispenser Technology that can be used to develop products in the air care, insect control, fragrance and anti-microbial space. A broad range of dispensers can be developed for people, homes, and businesses. Business to business dispensers might include offerings for aircraft, hotels, hospitals, restaurants, etc.

The patented technology releases a volatile liquid in vapor form. The technology can be adapted to dispense liquids such as fragrances, repellents, disinfectants and others. There are no comparable dispensers on the market today! The technology lends itself to a "razor and blade business and product model". The product offering would include a replaceable refill and product housing.

Technology Overview

The technology enables the consumer to CONTROL the consistent release of a liquid over a long period of time. The major features of dispensers that can be developed from the platform technology follow:

  • The dispenser may be turned ON and OFF and will release a liquid-vapor only when it is desired by the consumer.
  • When a product is ON, the release rate is regulated by the consumer to their satisfaction.
  • The product releases fragrances and other liquid vapors more consistently over a longer period of time versus any product on the market today.
  • A dispenser refill may last a week, month, or longer depending on consumer's usage and the application requirements.
  • The dispenser is scalable.
  • The refill may be wet discharging the fragrance or other compounds immediately gratifying the consumer versus having to wait 10-15 minutes with other product for results.
  • The refill may be changed in seconds and the dispenser becomes immediately usable again. For example, several different personal fragrances can be used in a single day depending on the person's activities for that day. An insect repellent refill may also be inserted into the dispenser and the consumer would be ready for an after work outdoor activity.
  • The dispersed liquid vapor is not applied to the consumer's skin.
  • The dispenser may release a liquid mixture or multiple individual liquids which will meet complex application requirements.
  • The dispenser may release different liquids at different points in time.

Technology Development

The dispenser technology development was a collaborative effort between the University of Florida (UF) and Sustained Release Technologies, Inc. (SRT) SRT will make all decisions and agreements related to the dispenser technology with strategic partners. SRT is willing to provide our strategic partner with exclusive rights to the technology. Accordingly, the developed dispenser products will be marketed, produced, sold and be under the total control of our strategic partner.


The technology is Passive and does not require a power source, no batteries to change or dispose of. The dispenser can be made from commercially available materials that have no environmental impact.

Are You Interested?

Do you believe this innovative, versatile, consumer-controlled dispenser technology shows promise? If YES, we would like to meet with you to discuss the technology and the business opportunity it presents. We want to partner with companies that are champions of innovation and sustainability in the consumer products and business to business space. Interested Innovators please email [email protected] or use our contact form.

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